Barcode printing machine 970

The jetStamp 970 is a hand-held inkjet printer that marks documents or products simply and quickly.

Barcode printing machine can be used for household projects, restaurants, bakery, factories, and shops

Barcode printing machine is used to print  expiry date, barcode, logos, , time and images

In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and bar-codes. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic

Barcode printing machine is different  in their specifications and techniques

There are many kinds of features that control the size of the font, the size of the printing, the barcode printing, printing the pictures, printing the time.  You have to choose barcode printing machine that is suitable to the material you want to print on

Maximum height for letters or writing is 6.5 Cm & with a maximum length of 12.3 Cm, and also with this printer you can use UV ink to protect the important legal letters

Barcode printing machine Reiner 970 can print up to 60,000 letter or number, it also uses cartridge ink so you will only need 5 min for changing the ink

It can store 4 messages that can be changed very easily, the data can be updated and printed from a USB or Bluetooth

  • The Reiner 970 is made in Germany




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