CO2 laser engraving machine

CO2 laser machine is a machine made for engraving on many types of the raw materials like engraving  on wood , glass , acrylic , cartoons and much more of materials  present in markets

 Laser engraving machine can engrave on mobile phone and mobile phones cases which are

   made of wood , leather , plastic , and other materials

Laser machine can make shapes of wood and models of building like Eiffel tower , also it can cut and engrave on acrylic to  make some logos and signs and also it can make the inviting cards made of cartoon or cardboard





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Bravo CNC Desktop Machine

Bravo CNC Desktop Machine

Engraving machine CNC machine Small lightweight desktop model has micro switch safety cover for safe operation, making it ideal for education and also suitable for offices and homes.

Metal engraving machine can carve products such as tooling boards, toolboxes, tiny ornaments or icons, and miscellaneous artworks, as well as teaching equipment in various Taiwanese and even international schools







ماكينة كتر بلوتر لصنع الاستيكرات

ماكينات كتر بلوتر هي احدى انواع المكائن التي تستخدم عادة لتطبيقات التصميم والقص بمساعدة الكمبيوتر لإخراج تصاميم ولوح كبيرة مثل المخططات المعمارية

ماكينة كاتر بلوتر تعمل أشكالا وأنماطا وقص نص جميل معبر على الاوراق بالاضافه الى مجموعه متنوعه من المواد مثل الملصقات والاستيكرات والفينيل والجلود واشكال التاتو المميزة.

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Metal and gold engraving machine

The M20 includes numerous tools. These different devices and accessories allow light diamond engraving, deep engraving on different types of materials and cutting of fine materials

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Metal engraving machine

The french metal engraving machine is one of the best machines for gold and other types metals

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