Flash stamp seal making machine

Flash stamp seal machine

You can get the seal within 5 seconds without any errors

Flash stamp seal machine used in making stamps of institutions, individuals, companies, and various commercial fields

Flash Stamp Machine for financial bodies and banks.

Making seals for cargo and navigation companies and legalization of documents.

Photo sensitive seal machine for schools, universities and all educational institutions.

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Rollit heatpress machine for paper cups

Paper cup heat press machine can print on many cups and cups in most sizes and designs. Large logos printing machine on food or hygienic packages. Rollit heat press machine to print on Paper bag , gift boxes , pens and leather wallets ,  Metal  and wood and mobile cover printing. Smart technology in one machine only for printing On various materials, with a paper cup machine, creativity without limits with high accuracy and stability on all materials





The 11 in 1 heat press

The 11-in-1 heat press machine is one of the most modern machines specialized in printing pictures on various raw materials at all, and it is highly suitable for any beginner computer who opens a successful, profitable and economical project at the same time

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CO2 laser engraving machine

CO2 laser machine is a machine made for engraving on many types of the raw materials like engraving  on wood , glass , acrylic , cartoons and much more of materials  present in markets

 Laser engraving machine can engrave on mobile phone and mobile phones cases which are

   made of wood , leather , plastic , and other materials

Laser machine can make shapes of wood and models of building like Eiffel tower , also it can cut and engrave on acrylic to  make some logos and signs and also it can make the inviting cards made of cartoon or cardboard





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ماكينة الطباعة الحرارية الشاملة

كيفية العمل على مكبس الطباعة الحرارية

– نحتاج ل الورق الحراري وطابعة ليزر  و طباعة صورة او الشعار او اللوغو .

– مواد خام ومتوفرة ولصق الورق المطبوع عليه على المواد الخام

ادخال المنتج فى مكبس الطباعة الحرارية وغلق ماكينة الطباعة الحرارية وضبط الوقت والحرارة .

– عند انتهاء عملية الطباعة وسماع الصافرة نقوم ب فتح مكبس الطباعة الحرارية واخراج المنتج ونزع الورق منه وبذلك يكون قد  اصبح المنتج جاهز.

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Bravo CNC Desktop Machine

Bravo CNC Desktop Machine

Engraving machine CNC machine Small lightweight desktop model has micro switch safety cover for safe operation, making it ideal for education and also suitable for offices and homes.

Metal engraving machine can carve products such as tooling boards, toolboxes, tiny ornaments or icons, and miscellaneous artworks, as well as teaching equipment in various Taiwanese and even international schools







 Heat press machine 11 in 1 

 Heat press machine 11 in 1

Heat press machine 11 in 1 used for printing on T-shirts, caps, mobile cases, mugs, plates,  glass, pens, pillows, puzzles , gifts, fabrics and bags

Heat press printing machine is suitable for long-range use

It is used to Print on pens and caps.Heat press printing for t-shirts

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ماكينة قص الفوم

ماكينة قص الفوم جهاز قطع الفلين والاسفنج. آلة صغيرة الحجم تتميز بسهولة و دقة القطع.

لماكينة قص الفلين امكانية عمل اشكال وتصميمات مختلفة.

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Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving Machine

Start your small business using laser engraving machine

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Rollit heatpress machine

Rollit heatpress machine Print on paper cups – paper bags – thin plastic mugs & cups – paper boxes..

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