CO2 laser engraving machine

CO2 laser machine is a machine made for engraving on many types of the raw materials like engraving  on wood , glass , acrylic , cartoons and much more of materials  present in markets

 Laser engraving machine can engrave on mobile phone and mobile phones cases which are

   made of wood , leather , plastic , and other materials

Laser machine can make shapes of wood and models of building like Eiffel tower , also it can cut and engrave on acrylic to  make some logos and signs and also it can make the inviting cards made of cartoon or cardboard





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Expiry printing machine

:The expiry printing machine has many advantages
It is a German machine and it’s easy to use ,you don’t need any effort , as it is possible to transfer and update Data to printed via USB or Bluetooth
Expiry date machine uses amazing fast stability inks.







Expiry date machine

Expire date and production dates machine uses TIJ technology  (thermal inkjet) the technology which based on using the expiry date printing machine with Cartridge ink that makes the barcode printing machine having zero maintenance.

Expiry dates and production machine can print : logo , barcode , expiry date , production date , time ,  text , serial  and number .




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