K3d big heatpress machine

K3D BIG heatpress machine the choice of all smart and professional business and         homeworker which it can print on a lot of product such as following :

  – flat surfaces product (t-shirt – dishes – wood – photo plate – mobile cases  )

  – other surfaces product ( mugs -cups – large drinks cans – small coffee cups – medals)

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CNC router 3 * 1 machine

The new CNC router 3 * 1 machine is a small and lightweight machine that can be moved anywhere
Metal engraving machine is designed for home and office use in a modern way and a cover that helps to keep the work area clean, and the CNC metal engraving machine is equipped with three heads

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Fiber laser for engraving on metals

  Fiber laser can engrave barcode, keycode, logos and expiration date. Fiber laser machine print and engrave on medals, rings, gifts, and print on boxes, glasses, mobile phones, and all metals. The fiber laser machine print on all metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper

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Fiber laser engraving machine

Fiber Laser is the smallest office engraving machine compatible for printing on different mobile models, safe to use on AirPods, chargers, and ironing boards, and with them exclusive Arabic technical training

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M10 Engrave Rings & Bracelets

M10 engraves rings and barcelets from inside and outside

The number of fonts and designs are unlimited connects to a computer to ensure big variety of fonts & designs

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Metal engraving machine

The french metal engraving machine is one of the best machines for gold and other types metals

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years of experience 

what you want to know about GravoGraph that it is a trademark of Gravotech Group, the world’s best company of marking solutions, that can offer you so many different equipment as rotary engraving machines, CO2, Fiber
and YAG lasers, micro-percussion and scribing, engraving
materials, available goods and services. the high quality of GravoGraph equipment for more than 60 years guaranteed it’s position among other companies.

the quality of GravoGraph is  the reason why

At Gravotech, quality is not just a criterion or something that can be done easily, no it is all because of the improvements they worked on all this years.

a lot of equipment so you can chose the right one for you

they have more than 900 references in stock, and they are specified in engraving and cutting “Surface” or “Reverse” engraving,
the materials they have like plastic, metal or combined ones are available in a series of colors, thicknesses between 0.09 mm and 10 mm or .004″ and .40″ according to the products, and different finishes (Matt, glossy, satin, textured, metallic, brushed).
the big production of their materials are adoptable for digital printing.
so you can find the right product for your application.


the raw materials of GravoGraph are brought from the best suppliers, that what makes it guarantees in terms of organisation (ISO). All the raw materials are selected among the best grads.


GravoGraph can guarantee to you the best colors for the materials.


GravoGraph can help you benefit from the entire shape you purchased thanks to the sizes they provide even if the plate is clamped on the edges.


the Material thickness alter according to what material you are using and that because every one of the materials has its own tolerance.


the company guarantee to you the original product you buy until its delivered to you.

the tools that GravoGraph can help you with!





For contact

+966 – 920007344

ماكينة الطباعه ثلاثية الابعاد

مكائن الطباعة تلاثية الابعاد

مكائن طباعة مجسمات ثلاثية الابعاد انتشرت في الآونة الأخيرة تقنية طابعات ثلاثية الابعاد في مجالات عده حيث انها تتميز بتقنية فريده و إنتاجية مبهره لمجسمات ثلاثية الابعاد

تستخدم الطابعات الثلاثية الابعاد لتوفير الميزانية و الجهد في مختلف المجالات الصناعية و التجارية

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plate engraving

ماكينة فرنسية تحفر على المعادن حفر عميق بخلاف ماكينة الفايبر ليزر التي لا تحفر على المعادن انما تقوم بالطباعة السطحية على المعدن

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